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Motor Tricycles also known as Keke has become one of the most popular transport means in Nigeria. With Keke, you can manoeuvre during traffic congestion. It is cheap to own and maintain Keke as the spare parts are available and reasonably priced.

We also allow KeKe on our Network.

Recommended brands include: Bajaj, TVS.


In Nigeria, an okada is a motorcycle taxi. Okada is a fast way of travelling especially for beating the usual gridlock popularly known as Go-Slow. Whilst the generally knowledge is that Okada is not a safe way to travel, this is a MYTH. All our partner drivers are screened using various verification techniques so you can be sure you are in safe hands. We use technology to monitor how our partner drivers ride hence why we can guarantee your peace of mind.

Okada requirements:

We only allow 200cc or higher motorcycles on our Network to meet Government regulations.

Recommended brands include: Honda, Q-link, Motobi.

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On-demand delivery satisfies a customer’s need to get an item delivered now, this speed of delivery enables both businesses and individuals to get the items they need exactly when they need it.

On-demand delivery takes away the anxiety and provides you with greater peace of mind. When you know your item is in the capable hands of an experienced delivery person and is making its way to you at that very moment, you can trust that the item will be delivered in great condition and on time.

One of the best ways to reach the market around you is to offer on-demand delivery options to local customers. Whatever the case, having on-demand delivery as part of the equation can be a game-changer — both for your business and for your customers.