What we are


WAeY is mobility as a service providing connectivity between Riders and Partner Drivers. We also offer on-demand delivery services through our vetted and trusted delivery partners. With WAeY, you can be assured of convenience for the passenger through easy booking from the touch of your smartphone, payment, safety and gridlock-free transport networks.


Corporate Governance


We are committed to high standards of corporate governance which are critical to our business integrity and to maintaining your trust in us. We expect all our directors, employees and partners to act with honesty, integrity and fairness.


Board Structure


WAeY Technologies is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and business integrity. Our Board recognizes the need to drive with the principles of the Corporate Code of Ethics as part of its commitment to reinforcing ethical values within our business.


Our code of ethics commits to the following


⇒ Understanding and Commitment - We ensure consistent understanding of business ethics across the organisation at all levels.

⇒ Ethical Practice - We conduct all business relationships with respect, honesty and integrity.

⇒ Professionalism - We ensure ethical policies and procedures are in place, regularly monitored and updated, and ensure compliance.

⇒ Accountability - We accept accountability and take ownership of business ethics.


How does WAeY influence our everyday life?


⇒ Partnership with others to create wealth and jobs

⇒ Reduction in CO2 emissions due to fewer cars on our roads

⇒ Fewer cars and congestion

⇒ Cheaper and more accessible transport for everyone

Convenience and Safety is key

We use technology to monitor how our partners drive hence why we can guarantee your peace of mind. Our 2-way rating system allows for our partner driver to be accountable for your pleasure.