What we stand for

Travel convenience

Safe travel and gridlock-free transport networks


Partnership with others to create wealth and jobs

On-demand delivery

Providing connectivity between Customers and Partner Drivers

How it works!

  • Download the rider app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Go on the app and create a user account
  • Enter destination and see fare estimate
  • Request your ride, track the arrival of your driver on the map. Wait for them at your pickup point
  • When you arrive use cash or your WAeY points to pay for your trip
  • Rate your trip to let us know how it went
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Accessibility is the right thing to do

We strive to make our services usable by as many people as possible with features and capabilities like:

Cashless payments, On-Demand transportation, Fare estimate and many more. See our Accessibility page for more details on our initiatives.


Our 2-way rating system allows for our partner driver to be accountable for your pleasure. Consistently low rating can lead to deactivation of the partner driver.


All our partner drivers carry a spare safety industry-approved helmet and unused hairnet for your use during the trip.


Use the emergency assistance button on the app to get help.

Vetted Partners

Partner drivers are screened using various verification techniques so you can be sure you or your parcel are in safe hands.


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